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Our Primary Service Areas

KWisdom Developments is a construction and maintenance business, able to build and service a wide variety of projects and systems from all the primary elements of the construction industry. Our engineering team have years of experience behind them, having been involved with some high-profile developments all across the country.

Addressing All Aspects

Between our skilled engineers, inspectors and project managers, KWisdom Developments has over 20 years of experience with providing a wide area of specialty services in a wide business area, from small residential redevelopments, to large scale multi-discipline high-rise apartments blocks.


Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Going green and being sustainable is an imperative part of any modern day development. Often times planning committees won't grant permissions if a development doesn't meet the right criteria for carbon emissions and energy efficiently. As such, Sustainability is a vitally important part of any new development in today's age. With global warming and CO2 emissions a high factor in most everything we do, it is important that your development follows the right protocols and meets the emissions criteria.

There are multiple aspects of this, and multiple ways in which these can be achieved. One example being green roofs, which are used very frequently with modern day developments in towns and cities. With global warming and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions high on the Government’s agenda, it has never been more imperative to build efficient low carbon developments! At KWisdom Developments, we can help ensure your development meets the sustainability requirements of all modern day builds. Utilising the design skills of our sister company, Walker Mower Ltd., we are able to produce designs in accordance with all modern standards, including BREEAM and SBEM, as well as being able to generate Sap Calculations for your development. Additionally, we are also capable of assessing and installing quality renewable energy equipment, such as those used in car charging.

At KWisdom Developments, we can design everything to meet the correct criteria to ensure the future of your development is set!


Why Choose Us?

KWisdom Developments has completed hundreds of projects and worked on hundreds of developments since its humble beginnings, and continues to grow as a company all the time. Since the amalgamation with its former sister company, Vitech Services, and utilising the skills of our in house building services design consultancy, Walker Mower Ltd., our available services has grown exponentially. We strive to achieve only the best of results, and now we have a new feedback page too. Why not take a look?

Every Project is Unique

KWisdom Developments has worked with a large roster of high-end clients over the years on some of the most prestigious developments in London and beyond. To see our full range of projects, click the button.

"Project Management is the application of experience, knowledge, skills and understanding to meet your site requirements"

We wholeheartedly believe in doing things right. Our dedicated team will always undertake work to the highest standard.

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