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Vitech Services Ltd.

Looking for Vitech Services Ltd.?

In 2021, Vitech Services Ltd. was amalgamated within the company, KWisdom Developments Ltd.

If you've come here having searched for Vitech's website, you might be a little confused as to why you're here. In March of 2020, Vitech Services Ltd. was inaugurated into the group of companies beneath the KWisdom Holdings umbrella. Vitech served its existing clients and continued to grow as company. However, it was deemed to be operating similar activities to another company within the group, KWisdom Developments. The directors came together and decided that Vitech Services would be amalgamated into KWisdom Developments, whereby the company would continue to operate all the services which Vitech had previously offered, just underneath a new title.

Am I still a client with Vitech Services?

Yes - don't fret!

If you've been with Vitech Services in the past, and our team of experienced and qualified engineers have served you or your business in any way, then don't worry - we're all still here! Our team remains the same, as does our list of clients and for the most part, our services on offer too. We have tried to make this transition as seamless and least stressful s possible for everyone involved, especially our customers and clients.

What does this all mean to me as a customer?

Whilst the name might have changed, not a lot else has.

Vitech's primary focus has always been to serve the customer and the client and ensure that all works are carried out in a safe and mindful manner, and that hasn't changed. The work we do is still the same, except now we are able to offer even more services than we could before! IF you're interested, why not take a look at Our Services page to see a fully comprehensive list of everything we can now offer in our bigger and greater role.

Our contact details have been updated.

One thing which has changed, however, is the way you can contact us. If you're still got our old contact details, then don't panic as these will still get you through to us. However, below are the primary contacts you will need to get through to the team here at KWisdom Developments should you need anything:
PHONE: 01322 282 444
EMAIL: info@kwisdomdevelopments.co.uk
Or alternatively, you can click the link up on our website here to Contact Us, and fill out an online form, where upon one of the team will get back to you.

Still have questions? Give us a ring today and we'll gladly assist you with whatever your query may be!

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