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Sadie Bashford

Administration Assistant

About Me

Smart, kind and inquisitive with a passion for learning and progressing.

Sadie is the newest member of the KWisdom Developments team, having joined in August 2020. Sadie works with the admin team assisting in every aspect, from handling front of house calls and emails, to assisting with financial matters and invoices. Sadie works part-time whilst also being enrolled in a college course where she hopes to achieve her Level 3 qualification in Business Administration.

Sadie has a big smile which she gives to everyone she meets. Her warm and bubbly personality, coupled with her impeccable and ever evolving understanding of the building services industry, are greatly appreciated by all of Developments' clients and customers, and it makes a big difference. Sadie works with the in-house management system and has picked up and learned a lot about it in her short time with the company. Her assistance with all administration matters is well received with the other members of the team, who feel her can-do attitude has helped immensely as Developments' clientele and workload ever increase.

Sadie always works to the best of her ability to ensure that work is produced and managed properly and punctually. She has already attributed a lot to the office through her skill and continues to do so.

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